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5 Fascinating and Rare Orange Gemstones

Bright, orange gemstones have always made waves in the world of gemstones and fine jewelry for their fine, vivid tangerine colors. These include orange Diamonds, orange Sapphires, Imperial Topaz, Orange Spinel and Spessartite Garnets. Diamonds are a part of the ‘big four’, alongside sapphires, rubies and emeralds, which makes orange diamonds and sapphires some of the most rare precious gemstones. However, most other orange gemstones also rank high due to their rarity and prized orange color. In this blog, we will share with you 5 fascinating and rare orange gemstones.

Orange Diamonds

Orange Diamond
Pictured above is a 1.02 carat round-cut Orange Diamond available from our loose diamonds catalogue.

Like most colored or fancy colored diamonds, orange diamonds are one of rarest precious orange gemstones to occur. Fancy colored diamonds with an orange color are also known as pumpkin or squash diamonds due to their similarity to the color of pumpkins as well as due to a famous 5.54 Carat vivid orange diamond being known as the pumpkin diamond. Famous gemologist Edwin Streeter referred to orange diamonds as “fire diamonds” due to their brilliant, flame-like color in his book titled The Great Diamonds of the World. A very few percentage of orange diamonds is labelled as pure orange, which makes them even more rare.

Orange Sapphire

Orange Sapphire
A 7.08-carat emerald cut Orange Sapphire from our loose gemstones catalogue.

Another precious variety of orange gemstones, orange sapphires are also often used as an alternative or substitute to orange diamonds, though this does not mean that they are not rare. Orange sapphires are quite rarer than their yellow counterparts and especially difficult to find in larger carat sizes. Orange sapphires are formed due to a mixture of trace elements of chromium and iron which add a red and yellow color to a colorless sapphire or corundum. They may range from light pastel oranges to a vivid red tinged orange color. Another rare variety of sapphires known as Padparadscha sapphires also has a slightly orange color, however it is mixed with hues of pink to create a more salmon color.

Imperial Topaz

Imperial Topaz
More than the word imperial, it is this color range that gives this variety of Topaz its value. 

Imperial Topaz is a rare variety of topaz ranging from golden to pink with an orangish body color or primary hue. More than the word imperial, it is this color range that gives this variety of Topaz its value. This variety of Topaz was named in honor of the Russian monarchy who prized its luxurious colors. Imperial Topaz differs from regular yellow Topaz since it has a slight orange to pink tinge or sunset-like colors that makes it valuable rather than a true golden yellow color. The more peach or orangish color an Imperial Topaz has, the more its value increases. Moreover, vivid and saturated Imperial Topaz are even rarer and more difficult to seek out, which makes these primarily orange gemstones the king of all Topaz, gaining status as a precious gemstone even though Topaz is mainly a semi-precious gemstone.

Orange Spinel

Orange Spinel
Orange Spinel is used as a substitute for orange diamonds and sapphires due to their similar orange color.

A member of the Spinel family or group of gemstones, orange Spinel is only second to Red Spinels which are considered the most desirable, rare and expensive varieties of Spinel. Commercially, Spinel colors rank from red and orange, blue, pink and lilac as the most popular and commercially important Spinel colors. Due to having similar red tinged hues as pure red Spinels, orange Spinels are the secondary most desirable color of Spinel. Furthermore, these orange gemstones are used as a substitute for orange diamonds and sapphires due to their similar, vivid orange color.

Spessartite Garnet

Spessartite Garnet
Spessartite Garnets also have a high refractive index which makes these orange gemstones exceptionally sparkling and brilliant.

Spessartite Garnets are primarily bright orange gemstones belonging to the Garnet family of gemstones. Ranging from vivid orange to deep orange red colors, Spessartite Garnets are naturally orange, however the presence of more iron impurities makes them a more orange -brown or reddish brown color. This orange variety of Garnets is also known as Mandarin Garnet or Fanta Garnet due to its vivid orange color. Spessartite Garnets also have a high refractive index which makes these orange gemstones exceptionally sparkling and brilliant. 

Rare and Orange Gemstones-Conclusion

While these gemstones rank according to factors such as rarity, color, cut and carat weight, depending on choice and budget, one may take precedence as the first choice that comes to mind when thinking of engagement or wedding rings and fine jewelry in general. For example, based on a matter of preference, one may choose an Imperial Topaz over an orange diamond or sapphire. However, it all comes down to a matter of choice. Orange diamonds and orange sapphires have gained much popularity over the years as part of the fancy colored diamonds and gemstone trends and would be the top choice for anyone looking to adorn themselves with stunning, tangerine colored gemstones. 

All in all, all of the aforementioned precious and semi precious orange gemstones are an asset to the jewelry industry all over the globe. We stock fancy orange diamonds, and most of the rare orange gemstones mentioned in this blog as part of our loose diamonds and gemstones catalogue. We also offer customised services where you can pick a gem of your liking and have us create personalized jewelry according to your requirements. For more details visit https://galtandbro.com/personalized-creations/

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