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A Symbol of Success: The Birdies Collection

Jewelry has always been at its core a medium of self expression, as a means to experiment with how you look and feel. It provides an outlet that’s very personal and true to yourself. From being able to show victory, happiness, sorrow and love, a piece of jewelry can be a token to represent any emotion. You can be an enthusiast for a certain theme or even a sport and will find that there is customized jewelry made to flaunt any hobby or interest that you might have. In this blog we have a topic of interest for sports lovers, specifically for those of you who have a passion for golf, so read ahead to find out!

Golf and Inspiration for Jewelry

golf club
A special collection inspired by a special game.

The common factor between any sport is that all of them have a set of rules, and in some cases, have vocabulary or terms related to that specific kind of sport. Golf is a popular sport around the world, especially in the United States where roughly 10% of the population plays golf. A game of wit and wisdom, golf has some interesting terms used in it. 

The word ‘Birdie’ in particular strikes as a peculiar one. While golf uses many other avian inspired terms such as Eagle and Albatross, the term Birdie is inspired by an American slang term ‘bird’ which means anything that is excellent or great, referring to a score of one stroke under par in golf. Inspired by the term, the Birdie collection was made as a symbol of success.

A Gift for Golf Enthusiasts

golf clubs
The Birdies Clubs in 18 karat white gold and bright carved gemstone handles.

The thrilling experience of golf will be even more exciting for any golf lovers with a gift. But if you’ve already gifted them golf themed gifts such as decor, golf club covers, customized trophies and other golf related accessories, so then what else is left? Of course, you can give them a special gift of customized golf themed jewelry that is beyond regular jewelry. These fine jewelry items are encrusted in special gemstones and diamonds in beautiful and durable 18 karat gold that they can cherish for a lifetime. 

Gemstone Studded Golf Themed Pendants

birdies collection
Spoilt for choice; our Birdie Golf Club Pendants with Pink Mother of Pearl, Carnelian and Blue Agate gemstone and diamond handles.

Any fine lover of golf can now wear their favourite symbol of the game, the sleek and stylish golf club. Now you or your golf loving partner, friend or family can stand out on the golf course with their favourite color. Our Birdie Golf Club pendants come in different color options represented by one of our expertly carved natural, semi-precious gemstones. These include Blue Agate, Carnelian, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye and Pink, Grey and White variants of Mother of Pearl. Each of these vibrant gemstones makes our Birdie Golf Club pendants a class apart. 

Customized Fine Jewelry- Just For You

Birdies pendants
Our Birdies Collection comes with a range of different finishes in 18 karat gold.

While golf is considered a game that is mostly played by men, jewelry is for everyone and our elegant diamond studded Birdie Golf Club Pendants look just as great if not better when worn by ladies regardless of whether they play or take an interest in golf. Based on your preferences, you can not only choose your gemstone, but also decide between three different sizes, small, medium and large sized pendants in three beautiful 18 karat gold finishes; yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. With so many choices available, our Birdies collection is not for golf enthusiasts alone, but will make anyone with a flair for sparkling diamonds and bold gemstones a champion in their own right.

The Birdies Collection-Conclusion

While golf is a game for champions, our pendants can be worn by anyone who finds their bright colors and sleek finish charming. If golf isn’t your cup of tea, we also offer more options for different sports themed jewelry. Be it diamonds or gemstones of your choice, we are able to design jewelry based on any theme or idea that you would like. Galt & Bro. offers customised services where you can pick a gem of your liking and have us create personalized jewelry according to your requirements. For more details visit https://galtandbro.com/personalized-creations/