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Aquamarine: The Stunning Blue March Birthstone

With the on-going month of March, we celebrate the beauty and unique quality of Aquamarine gemstones, the traditional birthstone for the month of March. Known for their stunning light to deep blue color that is reminiscent of the oceans, this gemstone is widely used and appreciated by gemstone and jewelry connoisseurs all around the globe. In this blog, we will share with you the properties, lore and other amazing qualities of Aquamarine gemstones.

Introduction to Aquamarine Gemstones.

Aquamarine Gems
Aquamarine gemstones get their name from the Latin word aquamarina which translates to “water of the sea”.

Aquamarines, as mentioned earlier, are light to deep blue gemstones and are a variant of the mineral group known as Beryls. Aquamarine comes from the Latin word aquamarina which translates to “water of the sea” in English. What sets them apart from other blue gemstones with a similar coloration is that a majority of Aquamarines can be found with lower impurities and an excellent vitreous lustre that can be enhanced even further due to professional gem cutting and a careful selection of cuts.

Most of the world’s Aquamarine gemstones are sourced from countries such as Brazil, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Mozambique, Afghanistan, Burma/Myanmar, India, China and Ukraine to name a few. Historically it has been noted that some of the best quality specimens have been sourced from Brazil including the famous Dom Pedro and Roosevelt Aquamarines.

Aquamarine Properties

Aquamarine And Diamond Ring
An Aquamarine Sun Ring from our High Jewelry Rings collection.

Aquamarines belong to the Beryl mineral group and are the blue variant of the mineral. You may already be well acquainted with the Beryl mineral group as Aquamarine shares it with its Emerald, Morganite, Goshenite, Heliodor and slightly similar Maxixe variants. Unlike Emeralds which are on the list of the top four precious gemstones in the world, Aquamarine is categorized as a semi-precious gemstone. However that does not affect the fact that Aquamarine gemstones can often fetch a high price per carat based on its carat size, color, cut and clarity. 

Larger sized rough as well as faceted specimens of Aquamarine are available in the market for premium prices and often have an exceptional transparency and clarity which in turn adds to their value. Moreover, the deeper and saturated natural blue color an Aquamarine has, the more valuable it is. Of course, Aquamarines are also subject to heat treatments to enhance their color, and there are also synthetics and imitations available in the market. They are fairly durable gemstones with Moh’s Scale Hardness rating between 7.5 and 8.0.

Aquamarine: Throughout History

Oval Cut Aquamarine Gem
Pictured above is a 133.76 carat oval-cut Aquamarine from our loose gemstones collection. Aquamarine gemstones can be acquired in large carat sizes.

Much like its name suggests, Aquamarine has historical and superstitious ties to the sea. Ancient Greeks and Romans used to believe that these blue gemstones were found in treasure chests possessed by mermaids. Moreover, the Romans believed that Neptune, god of the sea, had a link to this blue gemstone. With a deep rooted connection to the sea, sailors often used it as a protective stone to shelter them from dangers at sea.

Aquamarine gemstones were also believed to hold a secret to a successful marriage by enhancing happiness and love within marriages and also reveal the nature of partners and dispel lust. Astrologically, the stone has beneficial qualities for the zodiac signs of Pisces as well Aries as it is the birthstone for the month of March. Aquamarine was recognised as the modern birthstone for the month of March in 1912 by The American National Association of Jewellers. Since then, it has also been popularly used alongside diamonds in fine jewelry.

Not only has Aquamarine been a popular gemstone in fine jewelry, the gemstone has also been used amongst royalty. One of the most popular tiaras worn by Queen Elizabeth features large sized Aquamarines and comes as part of a set with matching earrings and a necklace that were presented as a coronation gift to Her Majesty on behalf of the President and people of Brazil in 1953. Other popular Aquamarine jewelry items include the late Princess Diana’s Aquamarine which was also passed down to and worn by Meghan Markle.


Aquamarine Ear Studs
A pair of Aquamarine and Diamond ear studs from our High Jewelry Earrings collection.

Despite being semi-precious gemstones, Aquamarines hold out on their own really well. In fact it is one of the most popular gemstones to pair with diamonds due to their subtle blue color and high transparency and lustre which meshes well with brilliant diamonds. Aquamarines also make a good alternative to blue diamonds . It is important to note that sometimes Aquamarine can be confused and mixed up with Blue Topaz, a similar looking semi-precious blue gemstone. While they may look physically similar, one can easily determine which is which through testing but also by comparing their price points as more often than not, Blue Topaz has a slightly lower price point depending on its properties. 

Aquamarines are beautiful March birthstones and also correspond as an anniversary stone for the 19th wedding anniversary. These blue gemstones are an asset to the jewelry industry all over the globe due to their remarkably soothing color. We have made Aquamarine gemstones available as one of our offerings from our loose gemstones catalogue. We also offer customised services where you can pick a gem of your liking and have us create personalized jewelry according to your requirements. For more details visit