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A$AP Rocky wears Pearls from Galt & Bro.

Pearls are considered the queen of gems and gem of queens due to their unmatched lustre and graceful appeal. Pearls also happen to be the birthstone for the month of June, reigning those with the zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer. But whether or not June is your special month, pearls offer a soothing and graceful appeal when worn in jewelry. Recently, American rap artist A$AP Rocky has been spotted rocking a lot of pearls, including pearls from Galt & Bro. Let’s have a closer look at his recent style and how pearls went seamlessly with the whole look.

The Look ft. Celine and Galt & Bro. Pearl Lariat

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A$AP Rocky wearing Galt & Bro. White South Sea Pearls Lariat at the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival.

A$AP Rocky attended the 2021 Tribeca Film Festival in NYC for the premiere of his documentary ‘Stockholm Syndrome’. He stepped out wearing a Celine Homme suit, Bottega derby shoes, and a variety of pearl set jewelry, including pearl rings and the star of the show, the Galt & Bro.18 karat white gold South Sea Pearl lariat. 

The whole look was brought together by stylist Matthew Henson who is not only A$AP Rocky’s stylist, but has also worked with clientele including more big names, including The Weeknd. While the lariat acts as an accessory to enhance A$AP Rocky’s formal look, this is not the first time he’s worn it before. In fact, he was spotted wearing the same lariat back in May but with casual attire. Our lariat is the perfect neutral jewelry piece that blends in seamlessly with any look and adds a charismatic touch, complimenting the pearl rings as well.

Jewelry in Focus: 18K White South Sea Pearl Lariat

white pearl lariat
Our 18 karat White South Sea Pearls lariat features a unique textured, handcrafted white gold clasp.

Galt’s 18 karat white South Sea pearls lariat is a versatile piece of fine jewelry which features genuine white South Sea Pearls in varying sizes with an adjustable, high polish textured clasp crafted in 18 karat white gold, which almost gives the illusion of micro-pave diamonds with its fine textured and shine. 

Our lariat comes in more color options as well. The Golden South Sea Pearls lariat is a variant crafted with 18 karat yellow gold and is the complete opposite of our white lariat with its warm contrast, ideal to pair up with other warm-toned jewels. Another variant includes the multi-colored South Sea Pearls lariat which can be worn in two different ways: as a lariat and as a shorter necklace and detachable bracelet combination. This lariat features all the stunning color that South Sea Pearls have to offer.

Pearl Lariat – Conclusion

Pearls are the perfect accompaniment to a formal or even casual look. There’s a reason why these subtle gems show up often next to diamonds and are featured heavily in many high jewelry looks. Not only that, there are so many other colorful varieties of pearls that add a new angle to pearl jewelry and fine jewelry in general. A$AP Rocky has proven that pearls are a most versatile accessory, easy and fuss-free to carry even on the go.

As First Lady Jackie Kennedy aptly put it ‘Pearls are always appropriate’. Indeed, you can never go wrong with pearls! Apart from our skillfully crafted lariats, we offer a range of pearl-set jewelry including rings and earrings too. We also offer customised services where you can pick a gem of your liking and have us create personalized jewelry according to your requirements. For more details, visit our Personalized Creations page where we take all sorts of custom orders for pearl, gemstone and diamond jewelry.