Who was Galt & Bro. in the past

Galt & Bro. is an American luxury jewelry and specialty goods retailer headquartered in Washington, District of Columbia. It sells jewelry, sterling silver, watches, and high-end personal accessories. Galt is known for its luxury goods, especially its natural diamond and gemstone jewelry set in 18kt gold. As America’s First Jeweler, being one of the first officially established businesses in the nation’s capital as of 1802. These goods are sold at select jewelry retailers and department stores.

Galt & Bro. was founded in 1802 by the jeweler James Galt and became famous in the 19th and 20th century by being a popular shopping destination for many prominent figures in American history. The company’s ledgers include a list of distinguished patrons including Presidents, First Ladies, diplomats, and renowned visitors from around the world. The imprint of Galt appears on a vast number of valuable items of great historical interest, many of which have become museum relics such Abraham Lincoln’s pocket watch. Galt’s business philosophy over the years has been: “when you cater to Washington, you cater to the world.”

Global Head Offices

USA Headquarters:

Washington D.C. & Northern Virginia Workshops & Headquartes

Europe Headquarters

63-66 Hatton Garden , Holbron , London ECIN 8LE , United Kingdom

Asia Headquarters:

Greenfield Tower Concordia Plaza Science Museum Road, Kowloon , Hong Kong