sports themed fine jewelry you’ll love

Sports Themed Fine Jewelry You’ll Love

Jewelry holds the power of being a very personal and intimate item that can last for decades with proper love and care, especially when made with durable materials such as 18 karat gold. You can express your enthusiasm or joy for any hobby, be it music, art or a favorite sport. Luckily, Galt & Bro. offers several sports themed fine jewelry items that can be customized to represent your favorite sport. From golf to horse riding, in this blog we’ll share with you sports themed fine jewelry that can serve as a wonderful gift for self expression for yourself or a loved one to add more joy to your favorite sport.

The Birdies Collection

birdies collection
A special collection inspired by a special game.

The thrilling experience of golf is encapsulated in our Birdies collection. This collection will help you sort out the perfect gift for a golf lover and enthusiast. After all, what’s better than customized golf themed jewelry that is encrusted in special gemstones and diamonds in beautiful and durable 18 karat gold that they can cherish for a lifetime? 

Inspired by the golf term ‘Birdie’, the Birdie collection was made as a symbol of success and greatness. These sleek and stylish Golf Club pendants come in different color options represented by one of our expertly carved natural, semi-precious gemstones. You can not only choose your gemstone, but also decide between three different sizes, small, medium and large sized pendants in three beautiful 18 karat gold finishes; yellow gold, white gold and rose gold.

Tennis Racket Pendants

Tennis Racket Pendant
Tennis Racket Pendant in 18 karat gold and bright carved gemstone handle.

If Tennis is one of your favorite sports or hobbies, then our Tennis racket pendants is a treat for Wimbledon enthusiasts. Our one-of-a-kind tennis racket creations from our necklace collection are designed especially for tennis enthusiasts. Made in 18 karat gold in yellow gold, white gold and rose gold variants, our Tennis pendants also come in different gemstone carving options. These include Blue Agate, Carnelian, Onyx, Lapis Lazuli, Turquoise, Malachite, Tiger’s Eye and Pink, Grey and White variants of Mother of Pearl.

Let your handle be the gem or color of your choice and decide on a racket from our necklace collection. You can even pair it up with one of our stunning diamond tennis bracelets. Tennis bracelets have indeed gotten their name from their namesake sport and have endured the test of time to become an everyday accessory, especially for those with an active lifestyle, perfect to combine with one of our Tennis racket pendants.

A Treat for Equestrian Lovers

Wild Mustang Ring
The Wild Mustang Ring from our Wild Spirit Collection.

Equestrianism is a broad category of sports that involve horses. From horseback riding to one of the world’s oldest sports, Polo, our Equine friends are the core and symbol of these well-loved games and sports. With the thrill and rush of the game and the feeling of the wind upon one’s face, one begins to feel free like a galloping horse. 

Our Wild Spirit collection encapsulates this very feeling of boundless freedom with several mustang themed jewelry, including our Wild Mustang Ring variants and Wild Mustang Double Spirit Bangle. Crafted with the finest of rubies, fancy colored, white and black diamonds all set on a beautifully sculpted and detailed 18 karat gold base. So whether you’re an enthusiastic spectator or the champion of the game, you will surely love these finely crafted articles made just for you. 

Sports Themed Fine Jewelry-Conclusion

If your favorite sport is not on the list, we also offer more options for different sports themed jewelry. Be it diamonds or gemstones of your choice, we are able to design jewelry based on any theme or idea that you would like. Galt & Bro. specializes in avant-garde jewelry pieces that meshes your signature style with a selection of the finest gemstones for an impactful design. We offer customized services where you can pick a gem of your liking and have us create personalized jewelry according to your requirements. For more details visit