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4 Gemstones That Change Color Phenomenal

Gemstones that change color are some of the rarest and most unique gemstones to exist. They are widely known and appreciated owing to their phenomenal dual nature which is characterized by having different colors when they interact with different types of lighting i.e cool or warm, natural sunlight and incandescent or artificial lighting. In this […]

5 Fascinating And Rare Orange Gemstones Banner

5 Fascinating and Rare Orange Gemstones

Bright, orange gemstones have always made waves in the world of gemstones and fine jewelry for their fine, vivid tangerine colors. These include orange Diamonds, orange Sapphires, Imperial Topaz, Orange Spinel and Spessartite Garnets. Diamonds are a part of the ‘big four’, alongside sapphires, rubies and emeralds, which makes orange diamonds and sapphires some of […]

A List Of Gemstones With Unique Color Change Properties

A List of Gemstones with Unique Color Change Properties

While precious gemstones reign high for their durability and rarity, some other precious and semi-precious gemstones exhibit certain phenomena related to color which makes them stand out and look unique when set in fine jewelry. So what are these properties that make them so beautiful? In this blog we will share with you a list […]