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Yellow Gemstones: Yellow Sapphires versus Yellow Topaz

Light to bright-yellow gemstones, yellow sapphires are a popular choice amongst precious gemstones and often used in fine jewelry for a pop of color. Yellow topaz, on the other hand, are a light yellow to rich yellow variety of the Topaz family, a category of semi precious stones available in other colors as well. While […]

Velvety Blue Gemstones Sapphires

Velvety Blue Gemstones: Sapphires

Deep to light blue gemstones, sapphires are one of the ‘big four’, the four precious gemstones that are popularized in fine jewelry all over the globe. Coveted for their velvety appearance and stunning azure color, they often fetch a high price depending on factors such color, cut, clarity and carat size. In this blog, we […]