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The Spring Edit: 5 Jewels You’ll Love This Easter

Spring is in the year as the snow melts away making way to turn over a fresh leaf. With the beginning of Spring also comes Easter. The seasonal changes as well as the occasion of Easter bring a message of new life, renewed vitality and a brand new, colourful start. In this blog we’ll share 5 beautiful jewelry pieces that are symbolic of spring and Easter with their stunning colors and symbolism.

Rainbow Canaries

Rainbow Canaries Ring
Rainbow Canaries that evoke the spirit of spring.

Bird’s nests have long been a symbol of luck and prosperity in many traditions and cultures. Eggs and hatchlings are also common symbols related to Easter as they represent rebirth and a dedication towards life. These three colourful, young birds are exactly what spirit of spring and Easter represent. Set with a stunning and bright selection of natural gemstones in a beautiful rose toned gold base, these canaries rest on a finely detailed branch band ready to take flight. 

Tanzanite Dream

Tanzanite Dream Earrings
The Tanzanite Dream ring from our High Jewelry Earrings collection.

When thinking of spring, images of beautiful, lush greenery come to mind. Vivid, green trees, bushes and freshly cut hedges lined with an array of fruits and budding flowers drenched in dew drops like diamonds. These ear studs encapsulate a beautiful garden scenery, like a flowery hedge that reveals a beautiful pond in the centre. Set with vivid Tanzanite cabochon gemstones, speckled with Diamonds, Sapphires and Tsavorites around it, this pair begins to paint a dream-like world within a small gem studded canvas.

Sunset Lucky Frog

Sunset Lucky Frog Ring
A sunset themed lucky frog companion that will leap alongside you with positive vibes.

Our amphibian friends also bring a message of prosperity and metamorphosis with them, as they symbolize leaping forward in life with new hopes, dreams and ambitions. Not only that, frogs represent a calmness and stillness as we experience the changes life brings. The sunset-like colors of this gem studded ring also bring an additional perspective as it blends the colors of the setting sun with hues of 18 karat gold, reminding us that a new day and life awaits us.

Azure Forest

Azure Forest Ring
An Azure Forest waiting to be discovered, from our High Jewelry Rings Collection.

A perfect companion to the Tanzanite Dreams ring, a trio of violet Tanzanite sit on a bed of round Tsavorite and smaller blue sapphires, surrounded by brilliant round diamonds as they embrace them in all their glory. Reminiscent of fresh green foliage and pristine blue lakes in the middle of an enchanted forest, the form and vibrant tones of this ring are right out of a fairy tale.

Paraiba and Pink Diamonds

Paraiba Tourmaline Earrings
A pair of Paraiba and Pink Diamond Earrings from our High Jewelry Earrings collection.

What would spring be like without fresh colors? These Paraiba and diamond earrings bring a combination of glowing green Paraiba Tourmalines and sparkling rose hued and white diamonds. Paraiba tourmalines have a unique glow from within, which when paired with a teal or mint hued green blue color is like a breath of fresh air. The rose hued diamonds give an almost ornamental, cherry blossom like touch to these earrings to make them even more exquisite. 

Spring Jewels- Conclusion

Spring brings a lot of color with it that is not limited to the palette we have shared. The sky’s the limit, so whether you like vibrant violets or pastel greens, the season leaves a lot of room to experiment with your style statement and a wide range of gemstones to choose from. We offer customised services where you can pick gems of your liking and have us create personalized jewelry according to your requirements. For more details visit