About us

At Galt & Bro

Our Vision

To create and curate the finest jewelry and watches in the world, offering an unparalleled luxury retail experience.

Our Strategy

-Share Our Brand Story

Leverage our rich history of quality, craftsmanship, and sensibility in design & acquire new customers through greater brand awareness and consideration

-Deliver an Extraordinary, Multigenerational Service & Experience

Educate customers to understand why our products are special

Create a retail experience that’s as inviting as it is grand and luxurious

Become an integral part of our local communities appealing to generation after generation of family members

-Offer the Finest & Most Relevant Products

Solely carry the highest quality items in each product category

Always build jewelry to our standards to provide lasting significance

Price merchandise fairly

Our Values

Integrity and customer service are the twin pillars of Galt & Bro and why generations continue to choose us.