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A$AP Rocky wears Pearls from Galt & Bro.

Pearls are considered the queen of gems and gem of queens due to their unmatched lustre and graceful appeal. Pearls also happen to be the birthstone for the month of June, reigning those with the zodiac signs of Gemini and Cancer. But whether or not June is your special month, pearls offer a soothing and […]

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All About Pearls: The Queen of Gems

Pearls have been popular and sought after for centuries due to their beautiful lustre and a symbol of beauty. They are considered the queen of gems and gem of queens since they have often been worn by queens as well as other dignitaries. Not only have pearls been used as adornment, but also as medicine […]

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Emeralds: The Lore and History Behind the Precious Green Gemstones

Since ancient times, Emeralds have been one of the most sought after precious gemstones. Emeralds have long been considered mystical gemstones due to being used to cure diseases of many kinds. Physicians from many other cultures used emeralds against poison and infections. It was more popularly believed to be an antipoison when used in powder […]

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Sports Themed Fine Jewelry You’ll Love

Jewelry holds the power of being a very personal and intimate item that can last for decades with proper love and care, especially when made with durable materials such as 18 karat gold. You can express your enthusiasm or joy for any hobby, be it music, art or a favorite sport. Luckily, Galt & Bro. […]

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A Guide to Diamond Cuts

Diamonds are precious gemstones that ranks number one as part of the ‘big four’, the four precious gemstones that make up a vast majority of the world’s fine jewelry, including rubies, sapphires and emeralds. Diamonds are rare, highly valuable and a solid investment. But much like different tastes in clothing or lifestyle choices, different people […]

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A Symbol of Success: The Birdies Collection

Jewelry has always been at its core a medium of self expression, as a means to experiment with how you look and feel. It provides an outlet that’s very personal and true to yourself. From being able to show victory, happiness, sorrow and love, a piece of jewelry can be a token to represent any […]

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The Spring Edit: 5 Jewels You’ll Love This Easter

Spring is in the year as the snow melts away making way to turn over a fresh leaf. With the beginning of Spring also comes Easter. The seasonal changes as well as the occasion of Easter bring a message of new life, renewed vitality and a brand new, colourful start. In this blog we’ll share […]

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Aquamarine: The Stunning Blue March Birthstone

With the on-going month of March, we celebrate the beauty and unique quality of Aquamarine gemstones, the traditional birthstone for the month of March. Known for their stunning light to deep blue color that is reminiscent of the oceans, this gemstone is widely used and appreciated by gemstone and jewelry connoisseurs all around the globe. […]

4 Gemstones That Change Color Phenomenal

Gemstones that change color are some of the rarest and most unique gemstones to exist. They are widely known and appreciated owing to their phenomenal dual nature which is characterized by having different colors when they interact with different types of lighting i.e cool or warm, natural sunlight and incandescent or artificial lighting. In this […]

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5 Fascinating and Rare Orange Gemstones

Bright, orange gemstones have always made waves in the world of gemstones and fine jewelry for their fine, vivid tangerine colors. These include orange Diamonds, orange Sapphires, Imperial Topaz, Orange Spinel and Spessartite Garnets. Diamonds are a part of the ‘big four’, alongside sapphires, rubies and emeralds, which makes orange diamonds and sapphires some of […]