Corporate Social Responsibility

As a world-leading player in the luxury jewelry and watchmaking industry, Galt & Bro. is committed to excellence and best practice, both in terms of our jewelry as well as our business practices. At Galt & Bro. we are engaged in a continuous process of setting benchmarks and adopting globally recognized industry standards to ensure that we maintain our reputation as a socially responsible jeweler. We are currently involved in several CSR initiatives in order to ensure that our materials are sourced in an ethical and sustainable manner whilst benefitting the communities we work alongside.

Kimberley Process

Galt & Bro. adheres to the Kimberley process to ensure that we only use diamonds sourced from conflict-free areas. In addition, Galt & Bro. requests all gemstone suppliers to comply with the regulations set by the Kimberley Process, and only purchases stones certified by the Kimberley Process. The Kimberley process applies the rules of the World Diamond Council.


Some of our products contain leather, and where this is the case, we ensure that all products are ethically sourced and follow industry-specific certifications. All our leather products adhere to international regulations from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora.