The measure of timeless beauty

In the world of fine jewelry, pieces are ultimately judged by that most elusive of measures: history. But one cannot manufacture history & heritage on a whim. It needs to rise from the experience, passion & lineage of the craftsmen who shaped the piece, as well as the time-honored methods they employ. With every step of the crafting process, the maker must imbue each piece with a sense of historic prestige.

Goal Setting

Most of our clients come to us with the task, formed as a devout wish for a treasure. Our experience helps to transform your dream into a proper request. This will be managed in-house initially. The bespoke service of our Galt Atelier will provide you both with the knowledge and inspiration.


Our professional jewelry designers will work with your jewelry sketches, drafts or photos and will provide you with unique jewelry designs making them a custom personalized jewelry just for you. If you don’t have an exact idea of what you want, we can offer you latest jewelry sketches. The jewelry design process starts with initial jewelry sketches.  Our jewelry designers will take into account all the techniques of drawing jewelry sketches and combine with jewelry modeling requirements.



When the goal is set, we start to look for the best gems to fulfill the specific task statement. The average timing of the search varies greatly depending on the complexity of the each gem-hunting case. While we’re looking for the exceptional offers and rarest gems we really fight for the best prices and most respectable gemological advice and expertise.

Quality Control

Galt & Bro. follows the golden standard. We strongly believe that important gems must be sold only accompanied by the reports of the laboratories which still shape the gemology as a science. When it comes to bespoke service, we rely only on the unassailable reputation of GIA.

The master artisans of Galt & Bro. utilize old world techniques, some of which have changed little in over half a millennium.

Crafted by the masters

Galt & Bro. commissioned a small team of master artisans who have dedicated their lives to a specific element of jewelry-making handed down to them by previous generations. Each piece is touched by only four artisans: a forger, a carver/setter, a polisher, and a quality control expert. 

A handmade masterpiece

By creating the piece by hand, the jewelry becomes stronger, and has greater density than mass-produced counterparts. The process elevates the beauty and perfection of each piece, bestowing the wearer a piece of old-world history & artistry that will truly last a lifetime.